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Gin or wine tastings

A different experience to enjoy with your group of friends
If you're tired of meeting up with your friends to always do the same thing, we have good news for you! Come to Bartreze and enjoy a group tasting of whatever you like most. In Bartreze we are known for having a wide range of gins, in addition to the winner of the International gin&tonic C. Championship. Therefore, if you are also lovers of this drink, we suggest you come to a group tasting of the gins you select. If on the other hand, if you are lovers of good wine, you can also participate in a tasting of this elixir of life. We just need to know what kind of wines you like the most and the price range in which you want to move and we will advise you. Call us at 93250649 or write us an email to indicating the date and type of tasting you want to do so we can prepare a budget.